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Last Updated:
02 January 2019


Mr. Bejtlich has no plans to teach public classes in 2019.

For details on past classes, please see News.

Student Feedback

"This course was everything I hoped for and more. Very impressive considering the course is new." (comment from student, 28 Jul 13)

"One of the best training classes I have ever taken." (comment from student, 28 Jul 13)

"The instructor was there when help was needed. I can easily take what I learned here and apply it to my work." (comment from student, 30 Jul 13)

"Excellent instructor and class. It is nice to learn from true pros who are humble and willing to help." (comment from student, 30 Jul 13)

"Richard is an excellent speaker. His use of real world examples added value to each lab. The material was easy to understand and very well thought out." (comment from student, 30 Jul 13)

"This class was fantastic. I wish I could send my whole department." (comment from student, 30 Jul 13)

"I felt that the pace and level of difficulty was well managed, and the defense-then-offense aspect was a great way to learn!" (Comment from student, 17 Jan 11)

"The training was awesome... [it] was pertinent to my job and I felt it applied in a 'real world' sense." (Comment from student, 27 Jul 10)

"Richard presented a wealth of subject matter knowledge that made the class valuable for anyone to learn... [with] the freedom to work at your own pace [and] real world information, not cookie-cutter theory." (Comment from student, 27 Jul 10)

"One of the few good classes that I've attended! (Comment from student, 27 Jul 10)

"Truly awesome -- Richard's class was packed full of content and presented in an understandable manner." (Comment from student, 28 Jul 09)

"In six years of attending Black Hat (seven courses taken) Richard was the best instructor." (Comment from student, 28 Jul 09)

"Wow, practical information for network and security engineers... why isn't anyone else teaching something this useful?" (Comment from student, 15 Dec 06)